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I was born and raised in Paris, France.

As I was growing up, I always knew I was made to be an artist of some kind. I’ve developed a passion for music at a young age without being able to involve myself with becoming a musician as I was experiencing stage fright.

I was also good at writing but never had the patience to write more than little bits of novel, here and there. But as I reached 16, I fell in love with photography and in particular music photography through the work of Annie Leibovitz, Jim Marshall and Youri Lenquette.

Their ability to translate the sound, the voice, the story of their subjects in one picture mesmerised me.
I went on to study photography for a few years before leaving the EFET (photography school based in Paris XII) with a diploma in the pocket.

Through my studies, I had the occasion to get enrolled in a few magasines: World Sound, Rap Mag and Vivre Paris all of which finalised my teaching and offered me to get my work published.

After a few years, I was able to embrace a childhood dream, being part of the legendary Rolling Stone Magazine (french issue). This is where I filled up my portfolio with the most amazing names and shots of my career.
I then signed with Dalle Photo Agency and been working with them since then.

I left France in 2013 and been on the road for a few years before I settled down in Sydney, Australia where I decided to start where I stopped a few years back.